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Spinel for Sale – Natural Pink Spinel Gemstone

Spinel for Sale - 0.90 ct Natural Pink Spinel, Moderately Included, Origin: Badakhshan Afghanistan, Unaltered Authenticity.

8.36 ct Natural Imperial Topaz jewelry stone – Light Yellow

8.36 ct Natural Imperial topaz Jewelry stone - Light Yellow, Slightly Included, Origin: Katlang Pakistan, Untreated

Exclusive 5.12 ct Natural Amethyst Gemstone: February’s Birthstone Collection

Discover the elegance of a 5.12 ct Natural Amethyst Gemstone, boasting pristine clarity and originating from Pakistan. Perfect for February’s birthstone celebrations or as a cherished addition to your collection of loose gemstones.

13.97 ct Natural Topaz – Gemstones for Sale from Skardu, Pakistan

Discover stunning elegance with a 13.97 ct Natural Topaz from Skardu, Pakistan. Available for sale, this untreated gemstone exhibits a slight inclusion, adding character and allure.